Brian Kavanagh






BeWrite Books, 2005
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Mysteriously summoned by her relative, Belinda finds Great-Aunt Jane's body dead on her own stairs. Too dead the letter summoning her was mailed days after her aunt died.

Much to her surprise, Belinda inherits the ancient cottage and grounds. Should the city girl move to the village? Belinda rather likes the idea. Then she begins to notice that all of her neighbors seem to have ulterior motives. Her elusive solicitor, her determinedly friendly next door neighbors, a handsome real estate agent, and an alcoholic antique dealer all seem to think there is something valuable in Belinda's new home.

Belinda seems to be alone in her belief that Great-Aunt Jane was murdered, until another murder occurs in the same house. It was obviously meant to be Belinda lying dead there. Knowing the motive doesn't tell her who did the killing it is a big, juicy motive almost in plain sight, enough to tempt any of her neighbors.

Read CAPABLE OF MURDER when you are in the mood for a village cozy. Relax and enjoy the puzzle. Cozy is definitely the category: you will never be afraid, although Belinda often is. Belinda shivers at harmless atmospherics yet walks casually into the arms of death.

CAPABLE OF MURDER is nicely written and pacey, with the momentum to keep you moving along at a quick clip. You will have your favorite suspects, cheering and sneering as occasion arises. Why does Belinda trust this person? Why does she enter that building alone? Why does she get into a fight at that particular spot? The object of all the fuss is new I don't think I've ever seen this motive before.

Author Brian Kavanagh's years of creative experience have been in film. CAPABLE OF MURDER begins a successful new venture for him. Belinda returns in the second of the series, THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE.

Aug 2007 Review

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