Deirdre Martin





Jove, March 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Janna MacNeil has just signed on as publicist for Kidco Corporation, the owners of the New York Blades hockey team. It's Janna's job to mend the Manhattan-based hockey team's image. After winning the Stanley Cup last season the team celebrated, with the trophy, at a few strip joints around the city. This season the corporate heads want to revamp the team's reputation to suit Kidco's wholesome family image.

Nervous to the point of nausea, Janna faces down a locker room full of professional athletes. She discovers the key to getting the players to cooperate is the team captain, Ty Gallagher. However, Ty refuses to give interviews or make public appearances; his job is to make sure the team wins the Stanley Cup, and that requires his entire focus. Ty is more than willing for their relationship to become personal, as long as he and Janna can keep things casual and private. But when Janna starts falling in love with Ty and becomes too much of a distraction to his focus of winning the Cup, things get complicated.

Deirdre Martin scores with her debut novel BODY CHECK. The characters are well written and wonderfully appealing. The high profile drama rings true, from the romantic chemistry between Ty and Janna, to the team bid for the Stanley Cup. The world of professional athletes and locker room scenes are handled with humor and panache. I highly recommend this book and am eagerly awaiting Ms. Martin's next novel.  Theresa Falconetti, Janna's roommate, is featured in FAIR PLAY, due for release in February 2004.


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