Nora Roberts





Putnam, March 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Archaeologist Dr. Callie Dunbrook is called in to examine human bones discovered on a construction site in Woodsboro, Maryland, that prove to be nearly six thousand years old. The news coverage of the exciting new discovery of a Neolithic campsite puts Callie's face on local and national news. Thrilled at the prospect of heading a project like this, Callie becomes unsettled when a strange woman knocks on her hotel room door and asks her if she was adopted as a baby. This innocent question from an emotionally fragile woman sparks a chain of events that threaten to turn everything in Callie's world upside down. Shaken by the disturbing revelations, Callie's life is further complicated when anthropologist Jake Graystone is assigned to co-lead the Antietam Creek Project.

Jake Graystone and Callie Dunbrook have unfinished personal business. Co-leading an archaeological dig with her ex-husband while searching for answers to a painful personal mystery challenge all of her sensibilities. With the help of Lana Campbell, a transplanted city lawyer in Woodsboro, Callie struggles to find the answers to her true identity. Old civilizations aren't the only things unearthed-the old chemistry with Jake, and the long hidden secrets of her past, refuse to stay buried.

BIRTHRIGHT is everything the readers of Nora Roberts have come to expect from her romantic suspense novels. Action packed, clever plotting, an interesting family tie, and great romance, all the story elements that make this authors' books consistently good reads. I loved the chemistry between Jake and Callie; the scenes between them sizzle. There is a lovely secondary romance involving Lana Campbell and Doug Cullen, a rare books dealer. There is only a slight reference to ghosts and haunting in this story, which seems to be a regular element in Ms. Roberts books. Always a winner, this would be a great book to take on spring break.


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