Emma Sweeney







Back Bay Books, April 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Twelve days before Jack Sweeney, a young navy pilot is deployed from Coronado, California to China, he meets Beebe Mathewson, the girl of his dreams.  A self- professed one woman man, Jack corresponds with Beebe, a beautiful blonde, twenty-three year old woman he met at a Squadron Party.

AS ALWAYS, JACK is the personal letters written by Jack to Beebe during 1945 and 46. Comical and sometimes desperately lonely, you follow along on his long-distance courtship of Beebe through these letters. It is deeply moving to read about the first time Jack writes he has fallen in love and can't stop thinking about her. It also heart wrenching to read his description of how his morale hangs on the hope of her letters.

Emma Sweeney, the daughter of Jack and Beebe, never got to know her father, who was killed before she was born in a plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle in 1956.  After the death of her mother Emma found a box of secret letters that gave her a glimpse of her fathers' heart and the romance that unfolded between her parents.

These love letters are a treasure. A deeply moving and powerful discovery for the author and the readers she shares them with.


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