Nora Roberts






Putnam Adult, July 2006
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Reece Gilmore is running from her past. She's on a cross country road trip to heal herself. Counseling, medication and hospitalization have not helped her recover from the violent death of her friends and co-workers. She's fragile because she is the sole survivor of a robbery and shooting spree at a restaurant in Boston where she had become a chef. On the night of the massacre she was celebrating her move to launch out her own after working at a family restaurant since she was sixteen. Her employers were like family and their loss has left her a ghost of her former self.

Out on the road her car breaks down in Angel's Fist, Wyoming and she decides to settle for a while. Since Reece is low on cash, she takes a job as cook at the local diner--the Angel Food Cafe. Going back into the kitchen is another step towards recovery. The locals are friendly but just as she is starting to feel secure, violence enters her life once again. While she is exploring the area on a hiking trail along the Snake River she witnesses a man and woman fighting on the opposite bank. She watches through her field glasses as a murder unfolds--again she is unable to stop it or help. A local writer, Brody, is also on the trail that day but by the time Reece reaches him and they return upriver the body is gone. When they return to the area with the police, no tracks are found and all traces of the murder are gone.

Reece bravely struggles to keep a grip on reality and not sink back into depression. She's shaky but determined to heal her life. However, strange things begin happening to her--simple things like finding her hiking boots in the kitchen cabinet rather than the closet, and packing and unpacking her clothes when she doesn't remember doing it. Is she becoming delusional again or is someone trying to push her there?

ANGELS FALL is a mystery wrapped around a romance novel. The good thing about reading Nora Roberts is you know ahead of time exactly what you are going to get. Some may not like the predictability of her stories but I love it. I expect a good story and I always get it. ANGELS FALL has great characters, emotional impact, perfectly timed suspense and surprising villains. Reece Gilmore's emotional struggle and recovery are well done. The residents of Angel's Fist are fun and interesting---readers will get caught up in the cozy mountain community and thrown off center when the killer is revealed.

Lifetime TV produced a movie in 2007 based on the novel ANGELS FALL starring Heather Locklear as Reece Gilmore. The movie version is available in iTunes. .

Feb 2007


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