Rosemary Rogers





MIRA, December2002
Review by Sissy Jacobson

Jackson, Mississippi, April 1861

When the first shots are fired at Fort Sumter, the world goes mad. War…

With the sudden death of her father, Senator David Campbell, Cameron's way of life is shattered. A capable, caring young woman, Cameron Campbell scrambles to complete the work her father left unfinished -- freeing the slaves, closing Elmwood Plantation, and getting Cameron and her companion, Taye, north to safety. She gets no help from her alcoholic brother, Grant, who because of her father's unfinished business has inherited the estate.

The evil that has always been a part of Grant Campbell is now unleashed without restraint. The lives of Cameron, Taye, and the slaves are turned into a nightmare because of his cruelty.

Captain Jackson Logan, shipping magnate and young friend to Senator Campbell, fell in love with Cameron when she was seventeen. Because of her age, and his friendship with her father, he did the honorable thing and walked away. Now he is back and Cameron is more beautiful and desirable than ever. With lives at stake, can she let go of her pride and turn to Jackson for help?

I became engrossed in this book from the very first page. AN HONORABLE MAN by Rosemary Rogers is a riveting page turner. Cameron Campbell, a realistic character, stands firm in the face of her brother's evil and fights for what is right. Along with Cameron there is Jackson Logan, a man of principle, who walks a dangerous line in a dangerous time, Taye, a beautiful, graceful, woman of two worlds, and Grant Campbell, the villain you hate. These characters, and the more minor ones, are so true to life you can almost feel their joy and their pain. The horrors and dangers of the Civil War come to life and draw the reader into the story, giving us a glimpse of the fears these people lived with day and night.

This is the first book I have read by Rosemary Rogers, but it will definitely not be my last. I highly recommend AN HONORABLE MAN if you want a realistic look at life lived in a nation divided by war.

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