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Jove November 2004
Reviewer Sissy Jacobson

Texas 1888

When Lacy was fifteen she was raffled off in a wife lottery and wed by proxy to Frank Walker Larson. Her father-in-law, who thought his son needed a wife, notified Frank after the deed had been done. Now, three years later, Lacy, who lives in a small apartment above the newspaper, has buried her father-in-law, and is keeping his newspaper going. She decides it’s time to meet her husband.

Traveling across Texas, Lacy finds Captain Walker Larson up to his eyeballs with trouble. A range war is about to break out and he’s trying to get the last of the townspeople, a group of prostitutes, on the stage and out of there. When Lacy comes waltzing into his office he takes her for one of the prostitutes and demands she get on that stage. Lacy introduces herself as his wife and refuses to leave until her marriage is consummated. Walker finally gives in and figures the fifteen minutes until the stage leaves ought to be enough time. Heartbroken and disillusioned, Lacy returns to Cedar Point, Texas, and resumes her position at the paper. Between Walker’s letters to his father and his father’s tales, Lacy had pictured him as her knight in shining armor. She’s learned a lesson the hard way … one she won’t forget anytime soon.

Three years after that fateful day, Sheriff Riley warns Lacy that Zeb Whitaker, the man she and Sarah and Bailee "killed" but wouldn’t stay dead, is out of jail and on his way to find her, claiming she has his money and he wants it back. The sheriff notifies Walker’s superior officer that Lacy is in danger and demands Walker be sent home to protect her. Walker is ordered to Cedar Point against his will. He does not need nor want a wife! Lacy does not want him anywhere near her. "I had a husband for fifteen minutes, once." And as far as she is concerned, that’s enough. Now they have to figure out how they can be together for thirty days without killing each other.

I grab every new Jodi Thomas book as soon as I can get them, then cuddle up and have a thoroughly enjoyable read. She is indeed a masterful storyteller, getting better and better with each novel. We catch up with Bailee from THE TEXAN’S WAGER. She and Carter, who plays a role in A TEXAN’S LUCK, now have three boys and another baby on the way. We also get news about Sarah and Sam Gatlin who have twins. Their story was told in WHEN A TEXAN GAMBLES (see the review on this website). Two Bits, now known as Nell, has finished her schooling up north, and borrows Lacy’s horse and buggy to go out to Bailee’s farm for a visit. Mistaken for Lacy, she is run off the road, shot and left for dead. Carter finds her badly injured and it is touch and go whether or not she will recover. Nell’s Texas Ranger hears about her in the uncanny way he always hears when she needs him, and he rides day and night to be by her side.

Jodi Thomas has a book coming out next August for MIRA, THE SECRETS OF ROSA LEE. She is now working on her next historical, TWO BITS and the RANGER, Nell and Jacob Dalton’s story. A TEXAN’S LUCK is the third book in The Wife Lottery Series and is every bit as good as the first three. When I settle down with a Jodi Thomas book I’m transported to another time and place. I have always savored every word she writes, beginning with BENEATH THE TEXAS SKY, which I still have, along with all her Texas historicals and her two contemporary novels.

November 2004


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